Sighisoara, Romania


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Georgi says: “The birth place of Dracula with a medieval old town.Don’t forget your garlic!”

Sighisoara has beautiful ancient buildings that are built on a hill. The atmosphere of the city is charming but its real claim to fame is being the birth place of Vlad the Impaler – aka Dracula.

Sighisoara is located in Mures county and the old part of the city is the main attraction. The city has a medieval aspect especially in the old town,with a history that goes back for over 500 years. There are affordable accommodation in Sighisoara and a good tip would be if the pension is located in the new part of the city though, for a better price.

The local cuisine has a very nice mix of Romanian dishes, German and Hungarian as well.

Some wonderful traditional specialties that you should definitely try are: gulas, sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls), mici, ciorba de burta and let`s not forget about the specific alcohol drinks like : tuica, palinca (are 2 sorts of plum brandy differently made) and the Romanian wine.

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