Romanian Romance: The Alternative Romantic European Getaway

Romania should be among the top places in Europe when it comes to love and romance. People just don’t know it yet. Instead, they tred a worn path to Paris with its high prices and crowds of couples squeezing under the Ifel Tower.

Couples looking for romance can find it in some of the bohemian cities with their beautiful architecture, interesting history, and stunning monuments.

In the century we live in, where everything is on speed mode, the traditional romance became endangered. Most of us have forgotten the old fashion ways of expressing our feelings through love letters, bouquets of flowers or through poetry like in the old days. Today we just use Facebook, Messenger or other Apps.

There is however a loophole for traditional romance and you can find it in some of the cities from Romania. Many of them have preserved ancient architecture, traditions for Valentine’s Day and bohemian atmosphere. The most romantic cities in my opinion, are:


SighisoaraSighisoara is located in the historic region of Transylvania (not far from Brasov) and it is considered to be the most beautiful and well preserved inhabited citadel in Europe It is also seen as a gateway to the Middle Ages due to its authentic medieval looking buildings: narrow cobbled streets which go up and down among colorful houses along the citadel`s towers. The landmark of the city is the Clock Tower, a place that along with the covered stairs, turns into stories about knights and princesses whenever the medieval festival takes place, in the late of July.

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SibiuSibiu– Former European Cultural Capital in 2007,(together with Luxembourg) Sibiu, is considered the most romantic city in Romania and one of the most attractive destinations in the country. According to Forbes Magazine, the old city of Sibiu was ranked as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live”. The medieval buildings, The Bridge of Lies with its legends, The Large Square and Small Square, Town Hall and the Tower of Sibiu, turns Sibiu into a real city of love.

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Brasov RomaniaBrasov – Surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and part of the Transylvania region, this city offers a combined medieval vibe atmosphere with beautiful mountain landscapes. Brasov is also an excellent place to taste some of the local as well as international cuisine, some of the best places to start, being in the city center.

Those who want to adventure themselves and love adrenaline, this is one of the places where you can find it, by paragliding, mountain climbing, skiing, skating (for some this sport might be a challenge J). Brasov will for sure impress you with its views (especially if you look from near the top of a mountain, like I do whenever I visit). There are no words to describe how stunning this area is. The velvety grass and forests covering the high mountains living visible only their rocky peaks glancing through the clouds , cute little houses spreading in the valley at the foothills of mountains, can take your breath away.

The old city is very well preserved and you can admire it by taking the cable-car to the top of Tâmpa Mountain, where you can see the famous Hollywood –like sign of Brasov (on top of Mountain Tâmpa).

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Timisoara RomaniaTimisoara – is located in the western of Romania and was the 1st town in Europe and 2nd in the world after New York City with streets illuminated by electric lights.

The walks over the bridges across Bega river, through numerous parks and the historical center by Union Square and Victoria Square are reasons supporting the belief in which Timisoara is known as the most beautiful city in the country, from many points of view, including the existence of modern green spaces. Timisoara is a very cosmopolitan city and it offers options for enjoying all kinds of activities.

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Cluj-Napoca RomaniaCluj-Napoca is located in the central part of Transylvania and is surrounded on three sides by hills and Carpathian Mountains.The historical architecture and narrow streets of the city center, cafes and pubs inviting you over for a taste of their pleasant ambiance where you will want to stay for hours, the traditional restaurants and the clubs offering an exciting night life, all make Cluj-Napoca one of the most romantic and lovely interesting Romanian cities.

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Constanta Casino RomaniaConstanta the most important littoral could not be omitted from the list of the most romantic cities. It is situated in the Southern east part of Romania. The Casino of Constanta, the seaside with its beaches, the cliff, are all perfect places for romantic walks and not to forget the resorts around the city, which are favorite destinations for many couples, almost throughout the year. The most famous one in Romania, Mamaia Resort is located between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol and with its unique beaches, is one of the main tourist attractions when it comes to seaside preferences.

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Sinaia RomaniaSinaia is located at the foothills of Bucegi Mountains, is a desired tourist destination, having a special flair both in summer and winter. A walk to the former summer residence of King Carol I, Peles Castle, by the many forest paths or the Royal Train Station, would make anyone understand why this small mountain town is nicknamed “Pearl of the Carpathians”.

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Piatra Neamt

Piatra Neamt RomaniaPiatra Neamt a city located between mountain peaks in the Valley of Bistrita River, represents an escape towards peace and quiet in the mountains for those who need to breathe in the fresh healthy air of the highland. You can cross the historic city center with the gondola, that climbs over great distances of meters, revealing sights worth visiting, from above. Stefan’s Tower and other sights make this city an attraction for lovers of all ages.

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Bucuresti Bucharest was once called “Little Paris”. Parks like Cismigiu, Herastrau, the historic old center with many old buildings, Church Stravropoleos, with cafes, bars and restaurants and the Museum of the Village, The Athenaeum, Palaces and Park Carol, stand for as reasons to believe even the country’s capital is a city for the romantics.

Find out more about Bucharest including weather, getting around, landmarks, shopping, hotels and it’s history.

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